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Building, growing, optimizing your business to maximize value

Building, growing, optimizing your business to maximize valueBuilding, growing, optimizing your business to maximize value

Why Use Us to Sell Your Business or Buy One


Our fees are lower than other firms

Our brokerage fee is 8% of the sales price. Almost all other brokerage firms charge 10-15%. We do a lot of business, so 8% is plenty, thank you. Besides, it is your business, we want you to keep more equity!

You Decide Contract Length and We Can Help Improve Your Operations

From 3 months to 18 months, the choice is yours. Some businesses sell quicker than others. This has to do with pricing it correctly as well as ensuring that the business is operating smoothly. With the ability to run analytics to help you improve everything from operations to marketing to ensure a higher price, smooth transition and happy buyer. 

We have NO Up-Front or Signing Fees

To consider listing your firm with us, we provide you an hour of free consulting, with no obligations. We charge nothing and are due nothing until we sit with you, our clients, at the closing table. We get paid when you get paid, not a minute before. We deem this fair. Other brokers may want $5,000 or $8,000 and we have even heard of $12,000 or more to get you listed. We deem this unfair to you.

We have NO Minimum Fee

Some of our competitors have minimum fees of $10,000 and more. Not us. We will assist you to sell your business even if it is for $10,000, you pay us $800 at closing. Not a penny more. We deem this fair.

Confidentiality is #1 and We Find Qualified Buyers

Too many competitors list businesses for sale on their websites. This assists your competitors, employees and potential buyers to help uncover where the business is located, thereby ruining the confidentiality promised to you. We do not. We list the business for sale on the top business for sale websites, where 1,000s and 1,000s buyers go to find a business for sale. We also connect with our buyers to let them know of new offerings and we use these websites to connect with potential buyers. At that point, we qualify buyers and have you meet with them. We do not hide offers, nor do we sort what we deem to be the best offer to present to you. We show you all the offers and let you decide who you want to sell to and work with to train them to take over your business. 

Qualified Businesses

Our buyers can rest assured that we only list qualified businesses. Those with consistent records, in other words qualified opportunities. We will not low ball a business to sell it. Nor will we present a questionable business to a buyer. We want to ensure that buyers are not only qualified but go into the deal understanding the fundamentals of the business so that they can appreciate the value that you built. We do not hide information from buyers. We do not hide information from sellers. This is our guarantee that all transactions are done correctly and above board. This is why we do not charge any up-front fees.

Co-Brokering for Buyers

Buyers, rest assured that we can help you buy any business, whether listed with us or not. We will co-broker any deal and work with any other broker to make it happen. Should another broker not want to co-broker we are more than willing to work for a fixed fee to be determined. We will use all of our analytical tools, guide you through financials, tax returns, and any other financial, accounting or legal documentation needed to ensure that you go into the deal with your eyes wide open, knowing all the benefits and pitfalls so that you can properly assess business value. 

Most of our offerings feature owner financing…No bank needed!

We are more than willing and will work with any and all banks, SBA and non-SBA financing, as well as with any lawyers, accountants and other industry professionals. 

And last, but not least, we work hard for YOU, our client. 

Member IBBA and M&A Source

Background and Certification

Background and Certification

Background and Certification

 Our lead member is a graduate of Columbia Business School and London Business School Global MBA program as well as the Law and Tax program at the University of Denver. 

The Difference

Background and Certification

Background and Certification

 We are a one-stop shop with a unique service for every situation. More importantly, we do not simply list businesses for sale, rather we represent the business and the owner. Understanding the emotions of selling a business is at the core of our services. 

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

 Confidentiality is Priority #1. We follow a unique systematic approach to selling a business, using our 1-on-1 philosophy. You, the business owner is an integral part of the selling process, as no one knows the business as well as you do. We act as your representative, your business agent, You the business owner are the star. By representing your interests, we allow you to shine when representing your business. 


Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

 We use standard valuation methodology, ValuSource Market Comps (with over 37,000 transactions in 800 industries) as well as pricing guides for 600+ types of businesses (as seen in the 2019 Business Reference Guide directory) and much more.  

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